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How we work

Insperocenter is a nonprofit, value-based foundation that supports individuals, groups, leaders, communities and organizations within a context of socialcontructionist, systemic, narrative and strengths based development and knowledge.

We look for people’s recourses and reach out for unexpected potential. Our aim is to spread systemic and strengths-based work and to support people and systems to give their best related to their specific mission, a good life and dreams.

Our values are closely connected to a social-constructionist worldview and philosophy. We believe that we as human beings co-create our world and our understanding. We become within relationships to each other. Through relational and communicative processes, we are always emerging as individuals and groups.

We also create our worlds and understanding through the words we use and the stories we tell about ourselves and others. People can be stuck in more or less helpful stories, communicative and relational processes and patterns. Our work will be to help people move into helpful patterns and stories. We contribute with context where co-creation will be possible and an exploration of knowledge, skills, resources and potential. Our aim is to support new and helpful meaning and meaningfulness where people experience a sense of coherence and where self- efficacy grows. Together we will challenge the taken for granted and reveal unexpected resources and potential.

We believe in human capacity and that everyone has unknown potential. We call ourselves inspire-actors. Our work will be to inspire individuals and groups into action so that they by themselves supported by us can experience their own capacity and action space.

Our approach is to build on skills and to involve people in their own goals and dreams. We encourage individuals and groups to explore and grow their skills while involving them into a co- created where they reach towards their unknown potential. We value the importance of a clear goals in focus and collaborative, appreciative and creative methods.


Our aim

Our aim is to:

* Co-create contexts with our collaborators that will increase growth. Contexts that will capture human and systems’ strengths and unrevealed potential.

* Support the creation of contexts that will bring out the very best of people, groups, communities and organizations.

* Contribute to a sustainable and healthy development where individuals and groups through their own resources can move on towards the future they would like to see.


Our approach

Our ways of working are:

* Systemic, narrative and strengths-based methods and processes.

* We aim at supporting leaders in their leadership so that they in their turn can support the members of their organizations to be able to give their best; increase motivation, engagement, potential, responsibility and goal focus in organizations. With the aim to increase a healthy and value-based organization which in its turn can give its best towards clients and communities related to their task and mission.

* Support schools in a way that enables children and teenagers to develop their social and emotional skills to be able to use the school system and their own potential in the best way. To be able to manage and succeed in their own unique way in their natural environment.

* Development programs at schools – Strengths based work with school systems, inspired by Appreciative Inquiry and our Arise process.

* Parents program that we call parent power groups. Groups that encourage parent’s abilities and potential. The aim is to encourage parents and to highlight for them important issues by creating a multi-resource group within which they can support each-other to support their children in the best way.

* We offer education, seminars and supervision within the positive powers of systemic and narrative, practices, theory and strenghtsbased method.

* We also support organizations and companies to develop their social corporate responsibility

We have our own unique Arise process which includes a resource and potential analysis of the organization and also a process for strengths-based change. This is a process which also is inspired by Appreciative Inquiry ideas.

Insperocenter is a valuebased foundation that aims at supporting development projects around the world based on strengths-based methods. Insperocenter works mainly by building on peoples and groups own recourses and capacity to support people to arise from their recourses, become more confident, develop their self-efficacy and strengths to take actions towards the future they would like to see.

Insperocenter works in a way that brings people in to the strategic planning and brings the universal strengths into the context of development.

Our appreciative approach is based on the belief that people give meaning to their world in their own unique way.

We believe that it is important to appreciate people’s social constructions.

Inspired by Peter Lang and Elspeth McAdam we look at the world and people’s understanding with the eyes of wonder. With the view of being friendly foreigners we will be able to visit each other’s understanding. Through helpful and strengths-based, appreciative approaches and questions we support helpful stories and patterns.

We put relational and communicative interactions in the front for development. We also highlight the importance of language and believe that “words create worlds”.

The appreciative approach value people’s good intention, highlights what people value in life, honours people’s good intention, their understanding and dreams of the future.


Who we are

We call ourselves Inspiractors and we aim at inspire into action. All the consultants at Insperocenter have long experience of systemic and strengths-based work with individuals, children, teenagers, families, groups, organizations and communities. We have all higher levels of education within the field. We believe we are all very engaged, creative and passionate and we know that we together can make a difference.

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The best way to create the future is to co-create it!

When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace. (Jimi Hendrix)


Kicki Oljemark, Bachelor in social science, familytherapist, PhD Systemic leadership practice, MSc systemic organisation and supervision.

Kicki has long experience from working with individuals, groups, leaders and organisations both in Sweden and international. Kicki has a background as familytherapist and manager for several treatment centers for children, teenagers and their families in Sweden. She has been working with education and change processes since 2009 both in Sweden and international. During 6 years Kicki was engaged part time in an international community work development inspired by appreciative Inquiry. She did this in collaboration with Elspeth Mc Adam, Keith Mc Adam, Harvard University, Muhimbili University and facilitators in Tanzania. www.namweza.org

Mia Lind Stenberg, Bachelor in social science and family therapist with several educations within the field of how it is possible to support individual, children, teenager and families, systemic, strenghtsbased, narrative, cognitive and neuropsychiatric.

Mia has long experience of work in a varity of context and to meet people in different challenging life situations. Her main focus has been to support children and teenagers with school, social and psychiatric challenges. The support has been given in a natural and close collaboration with the children, teenagers and their families. Mia has an extensive experience of networking to create the best for each child, teenager and family.

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