One World One Movement



Understand - The best of what is

Value - People's knowledge and understanding

Imagine - What can be?

Create - What will be? How will it look like? Make it visible and co create to make people feel that they are involved and important to create the future.

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  We create the future!

One world one movement aims at strengthening our connections with each other around the world. The Movement values every human beings uniqueness and unique understanding and wants us all to build a puzzle of all this uniqueness to a whole that matters. Every piece is a piece that makes the different that matters! The aim is a movement that invites everyone to be a part. Everyone counts and together we can make a difference and create the world we would like to have for the future. We believe that we all value similar things but we look from different views and perspectives.

We believe that wholeness brings out the best in human systems. The earth is a system so how can we create one world and one movement together!

A leader is anyone that wants to make a difference. Everyone can be a leader in one`s own life and a leader could be seen as anyone who leads a direction and a person that make people come together.

In the context of the movement we would like to open up for learning spaces and meetings to assist people to think about another future – to imagine a way forward the preferred future

We believe that there is no such a thing as one truth. Different “truths” and understandings lives side by side. To understand each other we believe that we have to be curious about what guides us in life and what people value in life.

The movement aim on creating a positive movement that capture human strengths and reflects these strengths into the world. A appreciative movement that bring out the very best of people, communities and organizations.

Our dream is to make people and earth economically, environmentally and socially better, now and for future generations.

We believe that we create the future we would like to have! People’s different understandings can live side by side, if all of us understand that we are just looking from different point of views. We have a lot to learn from each other and about what we all value in life.

 We don’t want to fight against things that we understand as bad, we would like to work for peace, connectedness between us, a growing understanding for each other and for human rights.

Would you like to become a part?

How is it possible to anticipate in our preferred future?

We believe that it is important to highlight the world we would like to live in, to appreciate what is there that make this world a great place and to develop thoughts how we can make it an even better place to live in  together for the future. We would like everyone to feel that they are important and that every body’s contribution matter.

Even to influence in “small” ways are big, you never know what positive spirals it will create. It is possible for each human being to influence and be a part of steps that creates a better world for all of us.

Appreciation from our view means to explore and be curious and conscious about what other values in the moment.

We would like everyone to open up ones appreciative eye. The world that enables to be appreciative is so much larger. We also would like to encourage everyone to inquiry into what gives life and to support people to arise from their recourses.

We believe that it is important to support people so that they can do things by themselves and we also believe that the best way to predict the future is to create it!

We anticipate into our preferred future in different ways and one world one movement allows people to contribute in the way one like, to just open up ones appreciative eyes a little bit more is an important difference that makes a difference. To be a part of spreading positive and appreciative stories is one important part of the movement.

Our dream is also to be a part of opinion building, when we meet and come together there will be a lot of learning that we also would like to spread in ways that it can influence our society in a positive way.

We believe that it is important that everyone have the possibility to have a future that one value.

The aim of this movement is to connect people with each other and to create context where people learn from each other´s and learn together.

It is crucial to listen to what people say and we all have to be recognized as someone that has something to contribute with

We also would like to encourage everyone that are interested to come up with ideas how it is possible to develop this movement further. Our dream is to find ways to connect with meetings both for development of the movement and spaces for people to connect for creating more understanding, sharing and learning for the future. This could be for example our one world one movement meeting points, conferences and our one world cafes’.

We believe in the power when people come together!


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